No to Government Bail Outs

WHAT: Peaceful demonstration to protest against Government bail outs of property developers.

WHERE: Outside the Dail at the junction of Molesworth Street and Kildare Street in Dublin 2

WHEN: Thursday 25th September at 1:30 p.m.

WHY: Bailing out the property market is a mistake and will only benefit people who took risks.

“You cannot mortgage the generation of tomorrow for the benefit of the generation of today to buy into an asset that’s falling in value – let the market reach clearing price”

Excerpt of Karl Deeter on Newstalk 106FM, Discussing Government Bailouts of Irish Property Market – 16th September 2008

John Gormley is in contravention of his own parties policies, the Green Party website clearly states that it wants to “Progressively limit the amount of money that lending institutions can lend for house purchase in order to reduce the price of housing” now that it is actually happening should the Government wade in with tax money to fill the gap? No, the wiser choice …

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