Dan Mitchell – The real cost of government run healthcare

Dan Mitchell makes some comments here that really hit some home truths on healthcare, in Ireland one third of our total spending is on healthcare, we could learn some big lessons from taking a more rational approach, in the Netherlands there are systems in place which we could replicate and while they have a bigger population they have smaller waiting times.

In fact, if I call Four Star Pizza in Artane they know what I ordered from the branch in Raheny, but if you get an x-ray in the Mater nobody in Beaumont knows about it, we need to computerize our systems and Dan’s points show, in part, that without efficiencies inherent in the system that letting the state run healthcare as is or expanding present offerings is throwing away money, far better would be a more meaningful relationship between spending and efficiency gains.

People confuse price with volume and that is the constant threat that cutbacks come with – cut our budget and we can’t offer the same volume of care, but that is a myth, the first …

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The cost containment of healthcare.

This is a video from the libertarian group The Cato Institute and it talks about universal healthcare. It raises some interesting points, in particular that of the states involvement in running medical services, eventually it will result in rationing, this will come via the government lead centralised system, or via the open market system via prices.

Having spent some time recently in hospital it has lead me to believe that we have top class people within the system, but that it is the system itself which is the issue, a 13 hour wait time in ’emergency’ gave me plenty of time to reflect. Healthcare is a central area of our tax spending, getting it right might involve changing our views of what is and isn’t expected from state healthcare before we try to change the operation behind it.

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