The good thing about a Property Bubble

There is so much gloom and doom in the press recently that only those with the greatest fortitude seem to find any cause for happiness. Personally I have been talked down off the roof a few times already (philosophically not in reality). And hardly a day passes where the Government don’t give us some negative outlook news. If you are into sadomasochism there is a new way to get your kicks, it’s called the ISEQ and if you are truly sick you can always watch property prices.

However, today’s article is going to focus on the good life and the good things that are coming out of the property bubble and that will continue to serve us all better in the future (catastrophic losses aside)

1. The Bubble performed where the Government and Good Intentions failed: The Government and all of the good intentions in the world were never able to gentrify the north inner city (my former home), but the property bubble did a GREAT job! Walking down Sean McDermott Street or Gardiner Street after dark is no longer …

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