Where is my bailout?

The average investor has seen their portfolio decrease in value by about 20%, the average property owner is not far off that either. The economy is slowing down and everything seems to be more expensive, so today’s question is: Where’s my bailout?

I am not Bear Stearns, or IndyMac, I’m also not Northern Rock, Fortis or Bradford & Bingley, I am not any number of financial institutions that will soon be set to receive money from the Fed, and even by third world terms I am not ‘too big to fail’. The fact of the matter is that I’m all alone on this one, and I don’t have enough faith in our leaders that I would be comfortable ‘leaving it up to them’. Instead, I want a port in this storm.

Now we can sit back and face the inflation, the inflation that will one day ‘inflate away …

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