Who cheats more? Politicians or bankers? With Dan Ariely

Legendary Behavioral Economist Dan Ariely presents a piece about trade off’s between instant gratification versus long term gratification, reward substitution, cheating, trust/revenge, global warming, executive pay and many other fascinating topics. This video is fascinating and for me is a real insight into the psychology behind economics that is so often over looked in classical economics. This is explained in simple terms that we can all understand and relate to, hope you enjoy!

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Peak Water

There is a concept in the Oil and economics called ‘Peak Oil’. It is the point at which the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached after which the rate of production goes into terminal decline. Oil is a finite resource so if there are not alternatives found before the world runs out (and I don’t believe we are actually going to run out any time soon) there could be a worldwide energy crisis. Enough about ‘peak oil’ though, because today we will talk about ‘Peak Water’.

The world has always had food shortages, at almost any given time some part of the world is going hungry or they have enough instability that food supplies don’t reach their intended targets and many people starve. Starvation is a massive issue and one that is vital to fight, rapid population growth is probably as big a threat but one that is not as simple to solve. However, these issues pale in comparison to the issue of water.

If the world water supply is 100% then only a mere 3% of it is …

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