Islamic Finance, Ireland is turning truly cosmopolitan

Islamic finance in Ireland? What is it all about? Well before I go into it today’s post will start with condolences, you see I was meant to be at a seminar at the end of March about Islamic Finance and it had to be put off because several children parishioners of the Dublin Mosque were killed and others extremely injured in a car crash while on a field trip down to the country. My hopes and thoughts are with the children who survived and for the families surviving the ones who were lost. Due to this tragedy the seminar has been postponed but we’ll cover some of the basics of what Islamic Finance is all about and how it may change certain aspects of the Irish Market.

According to the Koran (Qur’an) there are many laws surrounding contract and general dealings. The extent of Shar’ia law is actually quite complex and in many ways you could compare it to British Common Law which was developed using the …

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