Irish Mortgage Brokers: Not the subject of Primetime report.

Primetime did a special last night on a company called MoneyZone who are part of Irish Mortgage Corporation, today I got an email asking if we were the company featured on the show.

No we are not, we have similar names to our competitor IMC but we are a totally different organization and having no connections whatsoever to them.

The show was about ‘sub-prime’ lending and it focused on how IMC dealt with a customer who was an undercover reporter. Brendan Burgess (he runs the popular finance website ask about money and is the former Chairman of the Financial Regulators Consumer Panel) was commenting from the consumer and compliance perspective.

Here are some of the extracts:

IMC Male Broker: “to be honest its all about if the regulator or somebody goes into the bank they say ‘why did you approve them?’and they quite simply go ‘there’s the lodgements, there’s the money going through” the broker then went on to explain …

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