Business lesson from a dead mans wristwatch.

My grandfather died in May 1982, he was born in the first decade of the 1900’s and for most of his life he was involved in racing. Initially he raced air planes around pylons, kind of like what red-bull do today with the exception that people died all the time doing it in the 1930’s, they raced around wooden pylons and would cut the wings of their planes short, in the frequent crashes there were not frequent survivors (although he did crash twice in his life and lived to tell the tale).

He also did stunt work which was called ‘barnstorming’ and was amongst the earliest of aviators to use a backpack parachute (up to that point parachutes were on a line and opened once you jumped out). That was a mixed bag for him, one time his chute didn’t open and he was trying to cut it loose on the way down, he hit the ground so hard that his leg broke at the hip, there wasn’t any doctor so …

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