Learn a little about gardening to avoid inflation.

I know in advance I’ll draw some laughs (the ‘at’ kind, not the ‘with’ kind) due to this post but I do think it’s relevant. Today I am telling people to learn a bit about gardening, specifically, market gardening, in order to avoid getting hit by ag-flation. Agflation/Ag-flation (because it’s not an official word yet I don’t know if requires a hyphen or not) describes the current phase of world food commodity prices, the inflation is being driven on agricultural products, rice, corn, wheat, meat etc. So expect to be paying more at the till for every kind of food, in fact there have been riots in Mexico and Indonesia already because of food prices, in Haiti they stormed the presidential palace in Port au Prince and dethroned a leader.

Egypt has suspended rice exports and is trying to organise a rice for wheat swap with Syria, Ukraine is in talks with Libya, and the Philippines are in talks with Vietnam, this …

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