Bill Gross, talking about US jobless figures

Bill Gross talks about the US jobless figures for June, while there is the need to realise that bad news makes bond prices rise, Mr. Gross of PIMCO (the worlds largest bond fund) make some excellent points.

Anaemic wage growth, a savings rate jumping from 0% towards 8%, the people with jobs are not getting raises, he picture he paints is grim, he says there will be suppressed demand and spending for a generation. The contents of his takes on the market can be found on the Pimco website here.

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Bill Gross of Pimco – March Podcast

Bill Gross of Pimco, March newsletter

In this mp3 Bill Gross of Pimco goes through some of his thoughts by way of a make believe congressional hearing, an interesting take on the matter, his comments are simple and yet complex, pragmatic and thought provoking.

The questions (and answers) centre around these topics.

1. Is this a recession or depression? 2. How did it happen so fast? 3. How bad might it get? 4. What can we do? 5. Nationalising banks, good or bad idea? 6. Consequences Well worth tuning into, click on the link above or on the pic to hear it.

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