How to get a mortgage, simple and easy steps to getting a mortgage

Mortgages scare some people and if you are reading this because you are considering a mortgage then hopefully it will help you realise that while buying a property is a big undertaking, getting a mortgage doesn’t need to be. In this article there are some questions, answers, and a few general tips to bear in mind.

Which is better, a bank or a broker? Obviously I have a bias towards brokers, a good brokerage with at least 12 agencies will be able to give you a huge selection of choice across the market and explain the pro’s and con’s of each loan that may suit you. A bank on the other hand will give you a choice of only their own products, as I always say ‘has your bank ever sent you down the road to a different institution’? If the answer is ‘no’ then you get the picture, independent choice is what brokers are for. However, if you are comfortable going direct then brokers may not be the answer for you, currently 60% of the market for residential mortgages …

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