Bailout Abuse – distortions occur within 24 hours of Finance Bill

It is no secret that your author is anti-intervention, we speak at times about market distortions caused by government intervention. The recent finance bill was barely born when Irish Bankers chose to abuse some of the security and opportunities it brought about.

First of all we saw an email go out from Irish Nationwide in the UK going out touting deposit business because the bank was now fully backed by the government. One oversight we will see is that we are now going to do the job of HM Treasury. How? Simply put, the current bill backs Irish banks, not only here, but their branches abroad as well. What that translates into is the Irish state backing sterling deposits for sterling/UK based customers. Obviously there is no issue with clients themselves, they didn’t initiate the finance bill, but is it really the responsibility of the Irish state to extend this protection to other nations?

A further issue is that it will distort …

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