Proving your Income to a Lender

One of the most critical aspects of gaining mortgage approval is showing concrete evidence of your income. The reason for this is to show a lender your ability to meet your mortgage repayments every month and to assess how much (using their credit criteria) they will commit to lending you.

For PAYE workers you must evidence your income in several ways:

1.Three recent payslips 2. a P60 3. Salary certificate completed by your employers 4. Bank statements for the previous 6 months

What does a bank determine from this?

Your payslips show how much you are earning every month, the net amount should then correspond with the lodgements into your bank account every month (unless you are paid fully/partially in cash). It will often show pension contributions, expenses/mileage and other vital information (in some cases credit union loans come out of wages for companies that have a Credit Union attached to them).

A P60 will show your previous years earnings and if …

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