Bill Gross, talking about US jobless figures

Bill Gross talks about the US jobless figures for June, while there is the need to realise that bad news makes bond prices rise, Mr. Gross of PIMCO (the worlds largest bond fund) make some excellent points.

Anaemic wage growth, a savings rate jumping from 0% towards 8%, the people with jobs are not getting raises, he picture he paints is grim, he says there will be suppressed demand and spending for a generation. The contents of his takes on the market can be found on the Pimco website here.

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Economic data in the US as of March 30th 2009 with Robert Schiller

Robert Schiller talks about the current US economic situation, he is also one of the first to publicly talk about the great rip-off which was rule 6102, this was when the US confiscated gold while devaluing the dollar via a changed gold standard (essentially defaulting on the previous debt promise that was represented by the dollar).

He talks about the debt consequences of the current US economic trajectory, the figures are not good. The upside risk of inflation will increase over 2009 as monetary policy solutions start to play through the real economy.

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Nouriel Roubini and Nassim Taleb on CNBC

Two world renowned commentators give their views on the economy and market. The points they are making are that the same people are in charge, the system is not fundamentally changing, and that drastic measures are required in order to solve the financial crisis.

The main points made are that cash is king, the bottom has not fully been reached, and that we need to change the way the economy is driven, we need to get back to real physical capital rather than unproductive activities such as housing and finance.

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