The upside to Negative Equity?

Sometimes I write articles that are inflammatory, today’s is of that ilk, I want to point out some of the upsides to Negative Equity. They are going to be put in a list with the upsides to getting hit by the number 47 bus. Anyways… The theme of this article is that for every downside there is an upside so today I will seek to find the benefits of Negative Equity, my gut feeling is that I definitely have my work cut out for me on this post!

100% mortgage, if you took out a 100% mortgage during 2007 and put down no deposit and in turn you bought for €300,000 then what you didn’t have to do was save up 30k of a deposit – what actually have to earn to save a deposit? If you are on the higher band of tax then you paid tax at 41% and of course there is about 5% of PRSI so we’ll say that you paid almost 46% in total. A €30,000 deposit would mean you had to earn about €55,000. …

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