Calling the bottom, a time to put your money where your mouth is

Perhaps the best way to show your sincerity is to show your hand, and by that I mean giving the people who are influenced by you an insight into what you are doing. So for all of the people who are saying that ‘now is the time to buy property’ then please step forward and show me evidence of deposits on property being paid or of contracts being sent to your solicitor (where you are the buyer not the seller!).

For some time our firm has been bearish on property, that is a total contradiction for a brokerage as we clearly have a vested interest, but there is one tenet that lies above that of day to day business and that is the rule of honesty, we believe that if we simply give our honest interpretation of the market that when proven correct (assuming we are right) it will let clients in the market know that we stand for something beyond our own interests, and that is an issue we have with many commentators on property who are crying out …

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