Deconstructing Diarmaid

Diarmaid Ferriter is smarter than I ever hope to be, I love hearing him fill in for George Hook and read almost anything I ever come across that he writes. I also almost never write about political matters (my novice experience will surely show), having said that, I also like to challenge thoughts and on that basis figured I’d critique this piece on the Seanad.

We’ll go through it bit by bit. He’s in bold, I’m in italics.

The proposal to abolish the Seanad, without even considering its reform will, if successful, inevitably result in the concentration of governance in the hands of fewer, without any chance of meaningful oversight and scrutiny of what they are doing.

This is a fallacy because reform is a fallacy, any option to ‘reform’ will end up in countless policy trade off’s trying to reconstruct something which fundamentally doesn’t work. A better reform would be abolition and a new construction from scratch. Notice that this point is not being made, instead people are proposing a painfully slow, grinding reform which will …

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