Mortgage Broker Qualifications – the basics.

If you are dealing with a mortgage broker it is a really good idea to find out a little about them, here is a quick list that we think should help you to navigate the financial waters and avoid potential sharks.

1. Are you individually regulated?: While many people work for a ‘regulated company’ they are often not regulated themselves, this means that if you have an issue that the recourse is to the company and if the person has done wrong they may lose their job but they can still go work somewhere else, we believe that by having individually regulated mortgage advisers it gives people the right message, that each individual in our organisation individually stands over their advice and actions, to the point that any issues fall directly upon their shoulders.

2. What qualifications do you have?: While there are many financial qualifications (ACCA, ACA, CPA, CFA, BComm, MScEcon etc.) the retail broker specific ones are QFA (qualified financial adviser) and LIAM dip (Life Insurance Association Mortgage Diploma), you should make sure that your adviser has at …

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