Get Mortgage free, clear your debts!

Are you debt ridden and don’t know what to do? If so you are part of what makes headlines so often, however, recently there was an article in the Independent which cited the number of houses with no mortgage on them.

The research done be CB Richard Ellis showed that 34% of houses have no mortgage and are owned outright and only 40% have a mortgage, 10% are renting private accommodation’s, 9% are renting or buying their home from a local authority. The article didn’t say what the missing 7% are doing, maybe they are running around screaming ‘where have all the mortgages gone!’…. On a serious note I would imagine that it represents people living in local authority homes (perhaps).

Getting out of debt is not an issue for about 70% of households in Dublin City with no mortgage (the article states that mortgaged properties in the city centre are less than 30%), 45% of houses in Fingal are mortgage free, and about 60% in DunLaoghaire/Rathdown are mortgage free.

Now that you are salivating and …

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