Beat the bear that is beating the bull.

There are many lessons to be garnered from a financial crisis, the downside is that for most people 99% of the lesson is delivered only in hindsight.

Today we will look at some of the lessons you can take from a financial crisis and use them (or at least understand them) to your advantage. If we accept that risk (including upside risk – which is generally well loved!) is a reality then you can do your best to look objectively at this risk and what to be aware of.

1. The Government and Banks or Big Business are not there to help you or warn you: This is fairly straight forward but a surprising number of people feel that the government should have stopped house prices from falling, now we see people calling on the government to get the housing market kick started again and the singular binding feature is that in both cases nothing is done. Banks are just the same, in the USA Bear Stearns issued statements saying they were doing well only two days before being handed …

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