China may start to listen.

I haven’t take my hat off to Steven Spielberg since E.T., and that’s not just because I don’t wear a hat any more. I officially put one on today just so I could take it off in honour of him. The reason is that he is stepping down from role as Artistic Advisor for the Beijing Olympics because of Darfur in Sudan.

Darfur is a modern day catastrophe and it will be another part of history where people said ‘We should have done something, why didn’t anybody do something?’ the same way we say that now about Rwanda, and likely we will say it about Kenya and the DRC (Democratic Republic of Congo – formerly Zaire). It’s simply not good enough to sit comfy in the developed first world and allow genocide to happen.

Our company went to Krakow on a Christmas trip and part of it was a tour of Auschwitz, a strange choice for a Christmas trip you might say but a powerful reminder of the need to be thankful for what you do have and to be …

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