How to beat a recession. Simple ways to avoid the pinch.

I think the point has been reached, certainly from public sentiment, where we are seeing more negative news than positive news, the see-saw has well and truly tilted, good news seems to be brushed over to focus instead on the financial equivalents of four car pile-ups on the M50. The money market stops to stare and the slowdown of the on-lookers causes everything else to back up.

One thing I might ask, is in that case, then why stay on the proverbial M50? In today’s post we’ll look at some simple ways to beat a recession and reduce costs so that you can keep a good standard of living and even profit from a downturn. Some is simple common sense, some might be about things you haven’t considered.

1. Stop driving: Oil prices have risen and they don’t look likely to fall any time soon, I am a cyclist myself, and sometimes people look at me funny when as Operations Manager of a financial house I turn up to meetings in a high-vis jacket, and admittedly sometimes I feel out …

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