Are landlords the bad guys? Depends on your view really…

A search for company related updates threw up an interesting thread on the PropertyPin (which we got banned from for slagging off a moderator who lives with his mum about it). The thread had the usual round of well intended commentary such as this:

“Landlords are some of the finest stock of people when it comes to protecting vulnerable people” Karl Deeter, mortgage broker & landlord, Radio1 1130 17/12/12

This type of tangential criticism is normally reserved for Brendan O’Connor (‘smart ballsy’ comment) and Marc Coleman (‘best is yet to come’) type remarks that can be seen as being out of context with reality.

In some cases it’s because the quote actually is out of touch with reality, other times though it just helps to facilitate a logical fallacy where an assumed set of values implies a certain invalidity.

In this example it is that landlords cannot protect vulnerable people, nor do they want to. Perhaps to say they are ‘some of the finest’ is exaggeration on my behalf, but with the amount of homelessness that …

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