The best education comes with a free lunch

I had cause to have lunch with an economist today, one of whom I am a huge admirer. In our chat over lunch we talked about banking, deficits, employment, inflation and business models, if there is one thing I would emplore anybody in business to do it is this: call or email the people you look up to and ask them out for lunch. I do it all the time, and fortunately I thus get to spend a small amount of time with some of the best minds in the game, even if they don’t like me, at worst its a free lunch, if they do, then all the better.

I won’t make a list of the people I have gone to lunch with, but suffice to say, if you contact a person as a genuine fan of theirs (assuming its not Britney Spears) and ask for some of their time, the overwhelming majority will agree to meet you and in the time you have you’d be surprised what you might learn.

There are some guys who run a software …

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