Why buy a council flat? Council buyouts to flop.

I don’t understand why a person would want to pay for something they could get for near free or where the charge for said thing is difficult to enforce. You see this every day when people park illegally or don’t put money in the meter, there are clamper’s out there but they don’t catch the vast majority of offenders.

That is why I see two articles in the Irish time that seem to contradict the likelihood of the each other.

Article 1: Council flat purchase scheme to start in 2012 Article 2: Tenants owe city council €21m in rent arrears

In the first one we are told that Dublin City Council (in particular) are close to bringing out a ‘tenant purchase scheme’ via the 2009 Housing Act for people who live in flats. The scheme has a few things that may hamper it…

For a start 65% of …

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GO TO JAIL! Do not pass go, do not collect €200 million

The talk of ‘Economic Treason’ and calling for the heads of every banker are sadly starting to gain more and more traction, all of this is happening without concrete evidence thus far of exactly ‘who’ we are chasing and ‘for what’ specifically, largely the financial leaders greed is central to accusations of wrongdoing, and while greed may not be morally acceptable to right thinking individuals it is not actually a crime.

The FT recently had an article showing that executive pay misguided but that it didn’t make them criminal by nature, stupidity is an ‘equal opportuntities’ trait. It is important that every person in finance is not villified for what was something that all of society played a part in.

One question nobody is asking is ‘what part did I play in this?’, as a brokerage we are culpable, as a consumer I am personally culpable and as a citizen I will be paying for mistakes made on both …

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To buy, or not to buy, that is the question

The usual questions seem to float around Dublin every time I am out and about: is there life on Mars? Does my bum look big in this? Why hasn’t he called? Lately all these questions have been shoved aside in favour of “am I mad buying a house?”

It is obvious to the simplest of beings that property values have dropped significantly over the last year to 18 months. Is this a trend set to continue? If so until when? No one really knows.

The subject of house prices pervades every atmosphere in Ireland; the pub, the LUAS on a Monday morning, the DAIL bar… to mention just a few. It compounds my suspicion that Irish people are still obsessed by property. This is deeply rooted in the Irish psyche, which many believe is born out of 800 years of English occupation.

Irish people know they want to buy property, however consumer confidence is so fragile, that people are wary of making such a big financial commitment which …

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