A developers side of the story.

I had an interesting conversation with a developer yesterday who’s company is closing, they would have been a mid-range development company, they built many buildings that we all recognise around Dublin but they are not in the ‘Big 10’.

We got to talking about banks, the public sector, developers and in doing so I asked how he felt about the way developers are portrayed of late, as being at the very root of the crisis and at fault for the course the country is on.

He said that his family had been in the development industry for three generations, they had built it up from the 70’s and put everything on the line in the 80’s to keep going, they took calculated risks but it was their neck they were risking, not the necks of others, and now that things have fallen apart they have lost everything and somehow most of the bankers have kept their jobs.

That is a fair point in many respects, the banks have yet to face up …

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