After the crisis: A new financial structure

This is a speech given by Paul McCully of PIMCO at the annual Minksy Conference, it is a long one but well worth reading


Thank you very much. It is an absolute pleasure and honor to be here. I gave the keynote a couple years ago and it was my first time to be at the Minsky Conference. I feel that I’m part of a church, and it’s a good church in that we’re on the right side of history. And it’s absolutely wonderful to be attending services with you again.

I want to open up with a little story that should make everybody in the room feel particularly good, and then we’ll get into discussing economics. Harry Markowitz has been a friend of mine for about a decade. I became friends with Harry through two channels. Number one, Rob Arnott of Research Affiliates has an Advisory Panel of famous academics, such as Harry and Jack Treynor, that he gets together every year. I’m frequently invited to speak. We spend two or three days over a weekend together. I’ve …

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Paul Volcker on Charlie Rose

I have long been a fan of Paul Volcker, he is now 82 years old and he brings a lifetime of experience and knowledge to any conversation he enters into, personally I can’t listen to him enough, in fact, my one complaint is that he doesn’t get interviewed nearly as often as he should be! Having said that, he is a particularly normal person, he quit being Fed Chairman so that he could ‘return to normal life’ and being in the public eye was never the highlight of his life it would seem.

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Paul Volcker wants to see a return to a split between commercial banks and investment banks, the term ‘bank’ is used so loosely that many people don’t draw distinction between them, they are both involved in financial intermediation but they don’t both necessarily warrant, or indeed merit any federal help. Volcker has kept this theme in today’s Read More

We need to clear our bonds, ensure there are retail offerings.

Ireland has been downgraded by Standard and Poors, we are on a ratings watch with Fitch and Moody’s as well. The last bond issued by the NTMA was not subscribed as widely by the international financial community as they were previously and the Irish stepped up and bought up 55% of the bond, we saved the day ourselves. Now we are at a crossroads, we need to raise money, it will be more expensive given our national outlook and at the same time investors are shying away from our sovereign debt, equally we can’t cut back spending enough to bridge the gap and impressing the international investor market with taxation will hurt our national economy.

There is enough money in this country to clear all of the bonds required, and it is held in ready cash format. …

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