How to fix city traffic for a tenner

There were articles in the papers over the weekends about Dublin City Councils plans for banning private vehicles altogether from O’Connell St., Dame St., College Green, and Westmoreland St. in order to create a ‘Bus Gate’. The cars will then be directed over temporary steel bridges at Macken St. & Hawkins St. or Marlborough St. There will then be 350 extra buses (and one can only assume 350 people to drive them).

Buses and Taxis are proposed to be allowed to use the Port Tunnel at a reduced rate as well. The Sunday Biz Post stated that the strategy is to increase the percentage of people using buses from 20% to 80% and passengers from 148 million to 200 million (yes I tried working the maths on that one and couldn’t figure it out either! I suspect it must be a type-o in the SBP).

Steel bridges, messing with the use of roads that all tax payers pay for and as if we didn’t have enough of a one way disaster already? So my proposed contribution is to fix all …

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