Best mortgage interest rates for first time buyers

The current market is heavily weighted in favour of the buyer and for that reason we have seen more first time buyers interested in finding out how much they may qualify for, albeit that they may not plan to buy any time soon, many people still seem to be holding out for the ‘market bottom’, and naturally we don’t know when that time is, will be, or was (because it could have been last week, only time will tell), it is only with hindsight that the actual bottom can ever be accurately identified.

Another reason is that there are expected rate cuts coming, the next will be delivered at the 4th of December meeting of the ECB next Thursday. Many potential buyers are thus going to wait to see what kind of drop is delivered, if Trichet indicates that another may be in the pipeline it will have a strange effect of causing the inverse of what monetary policy is intended for.

The question we are getting recently is ‘what …

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How bank margins are likely to be set in the future

We have seen the rise of the ECB (European Central Bank) over the last three years and the possibility of more is never far from the mind of the ECB. The current cost of mortgages however, is not solely tied to the prices set by the ECB, instead it is down to banks piling on lending margin [that makes loans more expensive to the consumer but more profitable to the bank].

It is important to think about this when you think about where your money is going to be going in the future, margins have widened from about 0.5% or there abouts to more than 2% in many cases meaning that there is a 1.5% uplift in the actual mark up the bank is charging, that translates into an extra €375 per month on a mortgage of €300,000 (in interest payments only!).

The chances are that we will not see margins go as low as we did in 2005-2007 any time soon, and even if we do …

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