Mortgage Rates

Mortgage rates are normally described as a percentage, be it 5% or 3.98% the important thing to remember is that it merely interprets the cost of that credit to you as a financial debtor to the provider. When you compare rates it is also important to have an understanding of where they came from.

For instance, which rate is better an ECB (European Central Bank) tracker of 5% or a standard variable of 5%? They are both the same numerically but the tracker has a guaranteed margin the SVR (standard variable rate) does not so if the ECB change rates, for instance the way they cut rates in mid-October the standard variable might not come down the full 0.5%.

To be fair most banks have decided to pass on the ‘full’ rate cut, but what they had done in the interim of rate movements was to increase the margin on their SVR’s when the ECB was actually standing still between June of 07′ and …

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