Financial Regulator probe into mortgage brokers & estate agents.

Yesterday the Indo had a front page story about brokers and estate agents could potentially ‘rip-off’ customers. This obviously affects the whole industry because it means that brokers and estate agents in general are sullied in the process and obviously the article was highly upsetting for many, but that doesn’t mean it was not fair and balanced.

It is especially difficult for any broker to stomach reports that say their industry is guilty of wrongdoing, but the actual solution must be for broker to be the most vociferous proponents of ensuring an investigation is completed and we must also lobby for strong retribution to any firm caught doing wrong if we are to be taken seriously by consumers.

The danger as I see it is that anything short of harsh punishment will only send out the message that yet again there is a ‘financial firm getting away with it’. The Financial Services Ombudsman’s most public moment was when they failed to have a judgement against Davy Stockbrokers adhered to in the High Court costing the tax payer hundreds of thousands …

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How to get cheap Mortgages

Getting a cheap mortgage is perhaps one of the main concerns people have, price seems to be the primary focus for the majority of clients in making a decision about which mortgage to go for. Mortgages do have certain things that can be included as ‘added extras’ but unlike cars or houses these add-on options are not always the thing that attract a person to a loan type, certainly in our experience it is price oriented considerations.

The things that might be possible to include as ‘extras’ would typically be things like being able to take a mortgage break, this is where you make no payment for (generally) up to three months. Off-setting savings against the mortgage is another one that is becoming more popular, this is where you can use any money on deposit as an ‘offset’ against the principle. In basic terms imagine the following: you have savings of three thousand and a mortgage of two hundred thousand, you pay the same monthly amount but the interest is calculated on one hundred and ninety-seven thousand (200k – 3k …

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