Who are Finance Ireland?

We are sometimes asked ‘who are finance Ireland’ because people don’t know the company. In short, they are a broker only lender, this is yet another reason you should never go to a bank directly, they couldn’t tell you about their rates and products if they wanted to and in this instance their prices are amongst the best there is!

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Best Mortgage Rates February 2010

There is increased coverage of mortgages in the press of late in particular in the area of fixing or staying on a variable, below are the best rates available on the market by class of product.

Best Variable Rate with an LTV Restriction:   2.25% Best Variable Rate with no LTV Restriction:   2.55% Best 1yr Fixed Rate:   2.35% Best 2yr Fixed Rate:   2.65% Best 3yr Fixed Rate:   3.15% Best 5yr Fixed Rate:   3.7% Best 10yr Fixed Rate:  4.5%

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