Avoid counterfeit coins

Since I was a kid I was kind of fascinated by coins, whenever I travel I’ll normally make sure to obtain one of the different denominations of coins in the country I’m in. In recent years though, that has moved on to purchasing investment grade coins. Initially a silver eagle or two, a few ship-wreck coins and then graduating onto gold, platinum etc.

One of the biggest cons out there at the moment are that of counterfeit coins, and that is before you consider the ‘counterfeit everything else’ which is separately covered in an excellent documentary called ‘fake trade‘.

On the coinage front there was a great article recently by PCGS (Professional Coin Grading Service) about ways to avoid counterfeit coins. The main maker of fake coins is… The same nation that makes almost everything these days, China. They produce fake coins (to a startlingly excellent degree!) and then ship them …

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