Stoozing? … It's Money for nothing and the bips for free.

I kind of paraphrased a line from the Dire Straits song ‘money for nothing’ and replaced ‘chicks’ with ‘bips’. Bips are ‘Basis Points’ and it normally refers to hundredths of a percent when you are talking about rates, so 33 bips is 1/3 of 1% or 0.33. Anyways, this post is about Stoozing or getting money for nothing. Its something that has become more and more popular as of late and it’s also a loophole in the financial system that is being widely abused it even has its own website.

Stoozing is where you get a credit card on 0% and max out the money you can take on it at 0%. Normally cash withdrawals have a separate interest rate but if you know a person who owns a shop you can run it once for your total credit limit and have them give you the money (illegal – I’m just saying how it seems to work in practice). You then place this money in the highest paying deposit account …

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Missed mortgage payment? bad debt? How a bad debt caused a crisis

That’s whats behind the worldwide sub-prime crisis, millions of people missing payments, albeit on loans that may have been mis-advised or even extortionate but it doesn’t gloss over the fact that one guy in Ohio who decides he’s not going to pay his mortgage any more is not an isolated event when its correlated with all the other homes in the state who also decided to do the same. When you put all of these loans together (this is a simplified view just to make the point) then the Bank of ‘Wherever’ will suffer because of it.

Eventually the securitization process will start to feel the pressure, securitisation is where banks take all of their loans and then they put them into a ‘book’ of loans. So (I’m going to do this blog in layman-speak) basically all of the pages that are mortgages are put together into a folder, this is called a ‘mortgage book’ and then a thing called ‘gap maturity’ is worked out by risk analysts and this will tell you how much cash flow you can expect …

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