Repayment Capacity

One of the most important elements of applying for a mortgage is repayment capacity. The lenders will want reassurance that you can pay the monthly mortgage amount that you would be due to pay.

You can demonstrate repayment capacity in many ways, the main three would be, savings, rent or your current mortgage.

As an example, if you mortgage repayments are going to be 1500 per month, the lenders will want to see you paying this amount for at least 6 months prior to an application. One common mistake we have seen recently is clients who are saving 1500 at the start of a month and gradually withdrawing it as the month progresses. If you save 1500 in at the start of the month and finish the month with an increase of 500 in savings, you have only saved 500 euros that calendar month.

We can offer our tips and explain the best way to monitor this at any stage, please feel free to contact me at james.curd(at)

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RTE 1: Talking Money on holding too much cash, 12th January 2015

This week on ‘Talking Money’ a regular segment on RTE Radio 1’s Drivetime show, Karl Deeter & Jill Kerby talked about how Irish people hold more cash than is healthy and what to do about it. Oddly, we are not that different from other countries in terms of property holdings but we are when it comes to cash preference.

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