Property Investor Report, 1st March 2012

We are please to bring you some interesting analysis on the residential investment property market in 2012. A big thanks in advance to who made this possible by giving access to their data. You can get the report here or by clicking on the image to the right.

It was created by Karl Deeter of this firm and Frank Quinn, a lecturer in valuations at Senior College Dun Laoghaire. The valuation models used are Discounted Cashflows, the Investment Method and one developed by Karl which is an after tax comparison against bank deposit returns.

Tom Dunne of Dublin Institute of Technology Bolton Street kindly critiqued the report.

The general findings were that property is still overpriced in our main cities for investors (buyers face different costs/taxes/incentives). This over-valuation will adjust but one big inhibitor to investing in property at present is the taxation of it.

The coverage thus far (eg:

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Our letter to Kevin Cardiff (Dept. of Finance) regarding Section 23 properties

We felt compelled to seek an explanation of the change in rules surrounding Section 23 properties in the recent budget.

This is effectively retrospective taxation and the changes were never set out or implied in the original contracts for the properties.

Changing tax law after the fact is generally considered bad policy, and in some cases it may even be unconstitutional.

A copy of our letter to Kevin Cardiff (pictured inset) is below.


Kevin Cardiff Secretary General Department of Finance Government Buildings Upper Merrion Street Dublin 2

16th December 2010,

Regarding changes made to Section 23 allowances in the 2011 Budget.

Dear Mr. Cardiff,

Section 23 was set out to encourage urban renewal, which was duly provided and paid for by willing investors in return for certain contractual tax incentives which would have an effect of reducing an investors Case V tax bill in return.

The removal of this before the 10yr deadline and ring-fencing of same is effectively breaking a contract with the people …

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