Yale economists discuss the financial crisis

Yale hosted a panel discussion with Yale Faculty on the National Financial Crisis, to discuss developments since the February 25, 2009 panel discussion. Panelists included John Geanakoplos (James Tobin Professor of Economics) and Robert Shiller (Arthur M. Okun Professor of Economics). The discussion was moderated by Yale University President Richard Levin (Frederick William Beinecke Professor of Economics).

This talk is a ‘must see’ in terms of viewing, Robert Schiller is not only a professor of economics but also the author of several popular books (the subprime solution and irrational exuberance) and the namesake to one part of the world known Case-Schiller index.

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Economic data in the US as of March 30th 2009 with Robert Schiller

Robert Schiller talks about the current US economic situation, he is also one of the first to publicly talk about the great rip-off which was rule 6102, this was when the US confiscated gold while devaluing the dollar via a changed gold standard (essentially defaulting on the previous debt promise that was represented by the dollar).

He talks about the debt consequences of the current US economic trajectory, the figures are not good. The upside risk of inflation will increase over 2009 as monetary policy solutions start to play through the real economy.

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