An argument for and against property tax in Ireland

Today’s article will be unpopular with almost everybody, myself included, however, it is not intended to scare or cause frustration, merely it is intended to give a rational answer to an ongoing problem that we have had in Ireland. The problem is that of fair and sensible taxation on property and how to go about it, at the moment property tax is a front-loaded scheme referred to as ‘stamp duty’ and the system for charging is as follows.

1. First time buyers pay no tax irrespective of what they buy as long as it is for their primary residence. 2. Second time buyers pay stamp duty (property tax) if they buy an existing property, however, if they buy a ‘newly built’ property then they are exempt. 3. Investors pay stamp duty (property tax) on all property transactions. 4. Commercial buyers pay stamp duty (property tax) on everything costing …

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