NetVisionary Awards: Best Business Bloggers of 2010!

We are very pleased (totally chuffed!) to be short-listed (or even mentioned in the same sentence as) in the NetVisionary Awards as one of the best Business Bloggers in Ireland in 2010! We were nominated for this before in 2008 but lost out to Michele Neylon of Blacknight. That didn’t phase us because we are both customers & huge fans of Blacknight, you couldn’t lose to better competition. This year we feel the same way, apart from us the nominees are

Amy Dillon of While I don’t wear that much make up [although I’m told I could do with some, or a balaclava] I can see why this blog is so popular, cool videos, a great layout, and good design. It’s cool, even as a guy I can see the attraction of this site and that is a sign of a job well done for sure.

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