Office extensions in the docklands

The Dublin City Council has granted planning permissions to a business associated with billionaire Denis O’Brien for additional floors on an office building in the Docklands. In the beginning of 2019, Jepview Ltd had plans to replace the fourth floor penthouse inside the Malt House building. Jepview planned to build an additional four storeys to make a nine storey office building. However, the council determined that the plan may be excessive and Jepview reduced one of the planned floors.

The council revised plans earlier this year after the conservation officer revealed that effective development will consist of five floors of vertical extension over an existing 4 storey victorian warehouse building. The officer also stated that the proposed addition should be reduced by at least two storeys to ensure the glass extension remained appropriated.

The office deemed that getting rid of only one floor was sufficient. The vertical expansion grant of the Malt House building uses the city council planner. Specifically, the proposal”exhibits a distinctive contemporary design which will make a positive contribution to the subject site and Dublin’s urban fabric”. …

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Evil landlords making people live in deplorable conditions

Today I was up near the North Circular Road looking at a pre-63 building. These are properties which have been continuously let out since before the building regulations came in and for that reason they are often divided up into very small units or bedsits. From this year new legislation came in which means that many of them are illegal because you can’t have shared bathrooms and many other structural issues that make the old ‘bedsit’ a redundant property.

You can still let out a full house, somebody could sign the lease then let out rooms to get a similar end result but this isn’t commonplace as the various rooms are not ‘self contained’ in any way (no kitchen etc.).

Another lady was there to view the property and we got to chatting, I asked if she was interested in making it into one normal home as it had been originally, she answered by saying ‘what are you looking at it for?’, to which I answered ‘to let it out to people similar to how it is now’. I should …

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