Some key points from the budget (#bludget) ;-)

Budget Breakdown 2009.

Income Levy 2% up to €15,028. 4% up to €75,036 6% up to €174,980

Health Levy (to double)

4% up to €75,036

5% after that

PRSI Ceiling

Increased from €52,000 to €75,036

Mortgage Interest Relief:

On homes: Discontinued for all mortgages over 7 years old from May 1 2009. On residential property investments: Reduced from 100% to 75% Commercial property: no changes

Tax on Savings:

Savings, Life Assurance Policies, Investment Funds Up from 23% & 26% to 25% and 28% respectively. Applicable from midnight 7th April.

Stamp Duty

1% on any policy received by an Insurer after June 1st Non-life assurance policies levy up from 2% to 3% where Premiums are received after June 1st.

Trade in scheme: If you trade in a property in payment or part payment for a new property then you pay no stamp. It …

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