Talking to John Schroy

As many of you know, when I like a person’s ideas or research I’ll generally try to call them and talk about whatever the topic is that they are expert on. John Schroy is no different, he is a man whom I first came across via his excellent site ‘Capital Flow Analysis‘ which has tutorials on how to examine the Federal Reserves Capital Flow statistics.

He is also a really experienced practitioner – I have a soft spot for people who have been in the trade with lots of experience – who was in the trade across several continents and with a divergent mix of developed and developing markets at the same time.

I spoke to him in his Florida home last week….

KD: Hi John, so, what exactly is the ‘flow of funds analysis’

JS: Flow of funds analysis is a technique of interpreting capital market trends, using flow of funds accounts. The most useful set of these accounts internationally is published in the US by the Fed, but …

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