Repay Bond holders in full (with mortgages)

You can’t hope for isolated solutions in world where everything is bound together, which is the foundation for taking a more pragmatic look at a solution for Irish Banks and households, because one inherently is reliant upon the other.

That our banks were underwritten by all of our citizens (minus any consent in that debt bondage process) is a given, however, it would be a mistake to think that there can only be a one way flow of funds or solutions between the two parties.

The conundrum thus far is that the ECB don’t want to see any bond holders ‘burned’, while at the same time this nation should not be guaranteeing any facet of the securities markets any more than we should have protected bank share holders; and then we have the third and fourth legs on this table of madness, the IMF who (counter to the ECB) want burden sharing and an overly indebted society incapable of paying back the money they borrowed.

Somehow within this morass we …

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