When will the internet become stupid?

When I was doing a final year project in DIT Mountjoy Square back in 1996 the task was to create a comprehensive business plan for a company I actually intended to start, my lecturer was a man named Ed O’Callaghan. I had just finished reading a book on the internet and start up companies, the book (I don’t recall its name) was about a guy who started a company that did US Visa applications online for profit, I thought this was smart but totally outside of my realm of knowledge, but the idea of selling on the internet did make sense and I knew that certain vintage and classic car parts where hard to find so I was going to set up a site that sold parts for old cars (my dad was in the racing business and had done this in the US in the 70’s and after retiring he got into older slower cars so I knew there was a market -albeit a small one- for hard to source car …

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You must be thinking of a different Karl Deeter mortgage guy.

I have been nominated for an Irish Internet Association net-visionary award as best business blogger [God: the irony in your humour is noted]. I guess the lonesome path of reading and then interpreting and writing endless financial stuff is not just a cure for insomnia, it is also a route to recognition, and frankly I’m really chuffed. I had a look at the competition and was even more impressed – have a look at who I’m gonna get whooped by.

The Blacknight Blog: Quality blog on all things technology, personally I like this company, in saying that we are a client of theirs too which is the best vote of confidence we can give! Remember: talk is cheap, top quality hosting isn’t, we gladly pay because they are the best at what they do.

Spicendipity: A blog about food – who can say they wouldn’t love this one? I’ll be checking back here regularly! The way to win a mans heart is through his …

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