Poverty, more than just a matter of money

This article is about poverty and is part of the Blog Action Day 2008 in which blog writers from around the world write about a certain issue and do their best to address it and raise awareness.

The topic is poverty and what I mention here will be based partly on observations and insight gained while in South America, Central America, the United States, Europe and Asia. I haven’t been everywhere but I have been enough places to see that poverty is a societal disease and we need to find a way to cure it.

Having been in the slums of Jakarta and also in the Favelas of Rio de Janiero there are a few simple observations that join the two together – People here have widespread illness, the number of amputees, people on wheelchairs and those on crutches is skewed heavily in these areas and it bucks the trend you see elsewhere around the respective countries. The people also look old for their …

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