The emotions of investing – Tanker shares

I have always liked shares, learning about them, finding out what various companies do and trying to spot trends, it all goes back to the time I spent in Chicago, I worked at a bar next to the board and many of the clients were options traders, then of course the annual stock traders convention was also hosted on the south-side at McCormick Place and apart from loving to drink those folks loved to share information, in particular with barkeep schmucks like me, because most of the highly successful traders didn’t have degrees from MIT or in some cases any university at all, most of them were gutsy practical types who read situations and made a call based on their belief, the kind that Krugman talked about in one of his recent articles.

Anyway, I still base a lot of investment decision on gut instinct, the technical analysis tells you certain thing, and for traders who can watch the hammers and candles all day that’s great, but for a …

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