The OpenSource WikiBank, a possibility?

I’m off the deep end today, I think we need a new business model in banking and I don’t think the finance people have it, I think people know what they want, and an OSSbank or WikiBank project would perhaps be the way to approach the topic. This doesn’t mean that all and sundry can use private information, but certainly a ‘Bank API‘ would be a good thing if people had the ability to create programmes that could work within the framework to provide other services.

What does that mean? Well, take online-banking for instance, and one must wonder, is there not more I could do with my information to make my life easier? Could I automate more things? Could I have budget planning software that is fed from it? And the answer is ‘yes’.

But the reality is ‘no’ because no bank in Ireland will allow access to its information in that manner, even when the customer wants them to, they are taking Read More