The Credibility Crisis

I have written before about what can be termed a ‘credibility crisis’ and when I used that terminology it was in reference to the collapse of Bear Stearns and the fact that Alan Schwarz had said on a Tuesday that there was no problems with the bank (reminding me of the Alfred E. Neuman ‘what me worry?’ pictures) and then come Friday they were nose-diving into closure.

Credibility is a large part of what the worldwide financial crisis is about, and how that plays itself out in the market is something that should concern everybody because the foundations of any economy are not just the laws or the constitution but instead they are also the financial and economic management structures.

Solicitors of the world may disagree with me however, I would argue that wealth of itself has little to do with civilisation and advancement, because countries like the Democratic Republic of Congo, Nigeria, and Iraq are incredibly wealthy nations in terms of what they potentially have but due to money not flowing (and political corruption of the economy) they will …

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