Arabs making headway with equality.

Not long ago I had a proper rant about the state of Arab nations because I read how a woman in Saudi Arabia was raped and her attackers got less jail time than she did (yes, they sent her to jail after being gang raped) and she also got 200 lashes, this is totally out of sync with my world view.

Today however I am reading the Middle East Times and see that the UAE are going to have women as judges soon, being a judge is one of the most important social offices available and is the reserve in almost every nation of the most intellectually sharp, it is also a good breeding ground for politicians and political advisors, so perhaps the UAE are going to lead the way in seeing that women can do a job just as well (and often better) than a man will, I would also bet that because they are aware of the huge burden they bear in terms of womens rights and how their performance will reflect on it that they will do …

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