We are an international leader (at selling distressed loans)

This info-graphic is an interesting one, it shows the value of loan sales per head of capita across much of Europe.

We have done almost 9 times more than the British, trumped the Germans 38 times over and the Spaniards would only catch up if they increased their loan sales times 55!

We are truly special and so far in the lead when it comes to this.

(many thanks to Lisney and Cushman Wakefield for yesterday’s presentation this is taken from)

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Everybody pays, even the innocent

There were many innocent parties to the credit fuelled property bubble, they are generally those who didn’t borrow, or who carried no debt, choosing instead to live frugally, and if they used debt they used it wisely. Many of these people are at the polar ends of the age spectrum, very young (who don’t even have access to credit) or much older (who have paid off their mortgages), something we will all need to get used to though is the fact that everybody is going to pay for the mess left behind, this goes farther than NAMA.

The process I am describing is already under way, the very payments system (our financial infrastructure), is going to be used to generate economic rent from the people of Ireland in order to bring in more profit to banks so that they can repair their balance sheets. This price will be paid by the taxpayer outside of the bailout money already being supplied on our behalf. This will be even paid by people who manage to …

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